Occasionally, in Firefox 3.6.3 on Linux, when I mouse over a user
name, I see
that message. It's intermittent - I haven't had any luck trying to
it. The account in question is always an active one - I can click on
screen name and get to the page just fine.

I have heard from another user that this also happens on Macs using
Safari. I
suspect it's getting some kind of error from Twitter and returning

Speaking of errors, it also seems like page load times on my blog
@anywhere interactions, like loading a "follow @znmeb on Twitter"
button, have
gotten longer. At some point, I plan to load up the Google speed tools
and try
to find out what's happening. But if there's something happening at
Twitter end, it would be good to get it fixed, because Google now
slow pages in search placement, and that's not a good thing for
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky
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