are you certain of this?

the native retweet feature was released in late 2009 -- yet i am able
to pull up tweets from 2007 and get results back from the retweets API
call (these results were all of the form "RT @xxx ...". this led me to
believe that the API did in fact treat these tweets specially.

On May 12, 9:49 am, Abraham Williams <> wrote:
> Twitter does not handle classic retweets any different from standard tweets.
> They have no representation of being a retweet other then containing the
> originators name and showing up as a mention. As such they will not show up
> in any of the retweet API methods unless someone natively retweets them.
> Abraham
> On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 16:05, emh <> wrote:
> > with the new retweet mechanism i can retweet a tweet my friends have
> > retweeted and i believe it shows up as a retweet of that original
> > tweet.
> > but with the old RT @xxx convention for retweeting, i could retweet a
> > retweet like so: RT @yyyy RT @xxxx ....
> > in that case, does my retweet show up as a retweet of the original
> > tweet or of the retweet i actually retweeted?
> > is it possible to have a chain of retweets?
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