On 5/12/2010 8:14 PM, giustin wrote:
Hi, guys!

I'm student and I'm testing some scripts to the API. It is my final
work from high-school.

I need to search tweets by a tags or hashtags between a specified date
by the user.


1. the user specify the date that he wants to search tweets, example
range to 2010/05/01 and 2010/05/10;
2. the user insert into the search the follow tag: "twitter is cool";
3. so, I need to search the reference tweets that's contain the tags
"twitter"+"is"+"cool" in a before specified date;


a) what is the methods that I have to use for specified a date range
to search tweets? how to control it?


b) I need to search the tweets and insert into a database. After, if
the user search the same date range and the same tags, my system does
try to put on the database the same tweet that were searched before,
so, how to manage it to control for do not insert the same tweet in
the database? Is there a tweet ID to compare?

Yes. You can put that as your primary key (usually I put it in as a string). You can also set up your system so that it searches the database first before trying Twitter.

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