Users sign up in the background what matters is the dcl request that
contains the username which we send with the twitter account
credentials via BasicAuth. Using C++, and a JavaScript file to send
the Request to twitter. (note this is working via basicAuth) Would it
make sense to create something that retrieves the access token for the
app and store it?

On May 12, 2:23 pm, Abraham Williams <> wrote:
> How do users sign up for your service? On a website? Through an API?
> Abraham
> On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 12:45, Michael Cameron <> wrote:
> > After Reading many of the OAUTH things, i noticed that the user has to
> > do the login no matter what. We have a service on a server that logins
> > into a Twitter account and sends direct messages to following users.
> > we are currently using basic and trying to upgrade to oauth. but want
> > it to be seamless. Is there a way to pass key info to login as the
> > twitter account and send messages like we are already doing? without
> > the need to login and authorize ? or did i miss something, any
> > comments or links to things to read that i may have missed would be
> > appreciated thanks!
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