sorry for being offtopic, didnt know where else to ask.
(please feel free to point to other resources)

my maybe-problem:

i got a knew ssl-cert from twitter.com today, which looks suspicious to me, but i am not sure.

the cert data is as follows:
CN: twitter.com
O:  twitter.com
OU: GT09721236
serial number: 0B:B5:F1

CN: equifax
O:  equifax
OU: -empty-

issue date: 26.05.2009
valid until: 28.05.2010

sha1: 9e:e9:97:20:1b:d2:17:cb:cc:0c:8f:19:42:75:2d:6b:ac:07:e1:93
md5:  78:fd:97:3e:78:a1:f6:40:9e:66:7b:d3:a9:db:c2

i am unsure about its validity because of the very short validity date around two weeks, and because my firefox now shows the twitter.com page as 'completly encrypted' which was 'encrypted with cleartext parts' until now.

can anyone confirm if this is a valid cert from twitter.com or if something fishy is going on?


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