I have an application that executes the statuses/retweets_of_me.format
api method. The call works just fine and my app receives the retweets.
But the user section of the statuses returned contains the original
tweeter not of the user that posted the retweet. I can use the status
id in another call to the api to get the user object. but if there are
multiple retweets that increases the number of calls to the API almost
exponentially. I have tried sending a comma delimited list of status
ids to the api call, statuses/id/retweeted_by_id.format, and that does
return a list of users. However there may or not be the retweet status
id in the user object to know what user goes with what retweet status
id. I know that the twitter user interface does provide the retweeter
id in the retweets of me display. But the api does not appear to have
that call available. The status/mentions.format does have the user
that posted the mention. So my question is has anybody had this
problem? if so what have you done to resolve it?

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