I've spent a good 12 hours on this so far and this is where I've got

1) I use the same code to generate the oAuth header for echo and
communicating to the Twitter API
2) I generate a fake request to verify_credentials and generate the
oauth http header but change Authorization to X-Verify-Credentials-
Authorization and add the X-Auth-Service-Provider header
3) I change the request url to the TwitPic api and post the image
4) TwitPic comes back with a 401 oauth header error (specifically says
oauth header in the response)

To check the oAuth header was OK I change my code to use Authorization
instead of X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization and send it directly to
verify_credentials (obviously ignoring the image data part!)

Twitter responds with JSON and an HTTP status of 200, so I'm pretty
sure that my oAuth header is right

On May 16, 12:36 am, gotosleep <gotosl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am having the exact same issue with Twitpic. I use the same code to
> generate the OAuth header for Twitpic as I do for Twitter, but Twitpic
> always returns a 401.
> On May 15, 6:26 pm, Rich <rhyl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > To follow up, if I simply actually call verify_credentials it returns
> > a valid json object for my request but returns a status code of 401
> > On May 16, 12:01 am, Rich <rhyl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Has anyone else had problems with oAuth echo and services like TwitPic
> > > I'm using the SAME objective-c library to generate the oAuth signature
> > > as for the client (which by the way the client works fine so the oAuth
> > > signatures for that are fine).
> > > I'm generating the oAuth headers as if it were 
> > > forhttps://api.twitter.com/1/account/verify_credentials.jsonandaddit
> > > to the http headers as per Raffi's documenation.
> > > When I look at the oAuth headers they look fine, but TwitPic
> > > constantly returns a 401

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