Am 15.05.2010 21:38, schrieb Patrick Kennedy:
I bet coffee and 10 seconds with either of you would fix my problem,
but no worries.

On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 9:02 PM, kuhkatz<>  wrote:
Am 14.05.2010 23:40, schrieb Faried Nawaz:

On May 15, 12:41 am, kuhkatz<>    wrote:

so i suppose i am doing things wrong.
i followed your instructions, but when i apply the diff, i get this:

$ patch -i twurldiff

Close.  You can do either one of

patch -p 1 -i twurldiff


git apply twurldiff


tried the first approach,
gave me an error with lib/twurl.rb,
but with looking into the .rej and manually patching the file i
succeded, finally.

thanks for your help =)

someone of us might consider trying to help you if you could provide further details on where exacly what goes wrong.
"doesnt work" is never a good way to call for help.

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