Thanks Steve!

I'm using it, but I always get back a 401 error when trying to do a

- My apps have been granted xAuth access by Twitter (I tried with
multiple consumer keys and secrets)
- I fetch the token with -[MGTwitterEngine
- I get the token back in -[id accessTokenReceved:forRequest:]
- I set it on the Twitter engine with -[MGTwitterEngine
- I try to send an update with -[MGTwitterEngine sendUpdate:] and I
always get a 401 error back (with no description of the 401)

Is it working for someone? Any idea of what is going on in my case?

Thanks a lot,


On May 1, 6:57 pm, Steve Streza <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm one of the collaborators on theMGTwitterEngineproject for Mac
> and iPhone developers. We've finished our initial implementation of
> OAuth and XAuth support withinMGTwitterEngine. This uses the
> OAuthConsumer framework to handle the business end of OAuth, meaning
> that there are only a couple newMGTwitterEngineAPIs you need to use
> (and we've got a wiki guide for migrating to OAuth). We expect most
> users of the framework to want to use XAuth to obtain an access token,
> so we have a convenience API for handling that (of course, you'll need
> to obtain the opt-in from Twitter). After getting XAuth access, it
> shouldn't take more than a half hour to get set up to obtain your
> access token and start sending requests.
> We're also planning on releasing a new version ofMGTwitterEnginewith
> support for some new APIs and bug fixes, as well as OAuth. We're
> hoping to get this out by WWDC, or at least before the OAuth deadline.
> We're aware of the buffer needed for App Store approval, so we'll be
> trying to finish this up ASAP.
> You can grab the code from the project page 
> here:
> You can read the migration guide 
> here:
> Feedback is always welcome. If you have any issues, please file them
> in the project issue tracker 
> here:
> Now stop using basic auth already.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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