Registering a basic-auth source parameter was not the same action as
registering an application. It is possible that between the time you
registered the "SimplyTweet" source parameter and now, someone else
registered an application under the same name. If you own a trademark
on "SimplyTweet", you can follow the process at the lower half of and our Policy team will be
happy to help you with this. If not, please follow up on your ticket
(for privacy reasons) and we'll look into it further.

Brian Sutorius

On May 15, 10:39 pm, Hwee-Boon Yar <> wrote:
> My Twitter app runs on iPhone (and has a server side component that
> user doesn't directly interact with). It has been running on Basic
> Auth for more than a year. I would like to register it as OAuth and
> migrated users over, i.e. running both in parallel under end June
> since not everyone will update their their version immediately.
> When I register an app with the same name, it says the name is already
> taken. I presume that's referring to the previous Basic Auth app? (or
> someone registered my app name - SimplyTweet).
> How should I proceed with this? I sent a support ticket, but one of us
> isn't understanding the other. Thanks.

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