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> Hey folks. I'd like to get your advice on the Annotations feature.

Initial feedback:
 - I'd use a shorter variable name
 - Instead of using "annotations" once, allow repeated instances, each
instance being a new annotation.

| We want to allow you to use any arbitrary set of bytes for the
| attribute names and attribute values of an annotation.

I think you need to rethink this a little, at least declare a set of
reserved characters.

If you reserved ":" for example, you could reduce this down to:

(and yes, that'd mean that "value" could potentially be double-URL
encoded/decoded if it has a ":" in it).  So your example would be:
twurl /1/statuses/update.xml -d "status=Tweet with annotations!

I can't find anything to back up this but I believe that POST data is
ordered.  If so you could alternately do:
annotation_val = value

twurl /1/statuses/update.xml \
    -d "status=Tweet with annotations!

…which would avoid the need to double URL escape the annotation value.

Can types use UTF8? Attributes? Values?

Could I post "annotations=映画:言語:英語" (or annotations==映画:言語=英語 in your
original notation)?
(I'm hoping that reads "annotations=movie:language:english" in
Japanese. Apologies if it does not.)
-ed costello

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