It looks like a change was recently made to so that
it no longer remembers logins. Every time I quit the browser and then
revisit the site, I have to re-login.

1. Open browser (Chrome, Safari, etc)
2. Visit
3. Log in
4. Quit browser
5. Relaunch browser
6. Visit
7. Now you have to log in again (this wasn't the case before)

It is not an issue with my browser's cookie settings. Every other site
I visit remembers me when it is supposed to.

The mobile site doesn't have a 'Remember me' checkbox at login because
it should remember you by default (as it used to do).

This is important because I have an iPad app that embeds Twitter's
mobile site. It used to work fine, but now requires a log in every
time you launch the app. This kills the user experience (especially on
a mobile device where typing is a pain) and makes the mobile site far
less useful.

Please have remember logins, at least for an
extended period of time.

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