Hi Z-13,

Some recommendations first:

  * When performing the OAuth token negotiation operations, it's
recommended to use SSL and the hostname api.twitter.com.
  * It's much easier to debug OAuth when you use HTTP headers to
transmit the OAuth parameters rather than using them on the query

Some specific areas that might be giving you trouble:
  * The access_token endpoint doesn't take an oauth_callback -- you
provide that value on the request_token step, we take note of it, and
present the PIN code flow after you've sent the user to our authorize
end point. You should not have an oauth_callback value on the access
token step.
  * Consider using a more robust oauth_nonce than a numerical sequence.

If you're still having problems, please post an example signature base
string you are generating for this step and we'll see if there's
something else going on.

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter

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