> Twurl is just what I need, a command-line OAuth getter. Except it's
> written in a language I don't have so it's useless to me.
> Before turning off basic auth twitter needs to provide their own
> official implementation of a CLI OAuth getter, written in plain old C.

I don't want to jump too far with this, but I am working with Taylor and
Raffi to get TTYtter 1.1 in an acceptable form for public release (we are
having discussions about how to streamline the keys process in such a way
that's simpler for users, but still secure for Twitter).

That implementation is 100% pure Perl, and does not use any external 
libraries. You're welcome to take a crack at it now if you like, but you
will need to generate your own app keys in its current state. E-mail me
off list if interested.

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