I've been dealing with this myself. What I did was implement a new twitterrc 
format -- basically a config file in your user directory (~/.twitterrc) or in 
your /etc/ that has your own personal consumer and access token. I also store a 
version inside in the keychain on Mac.

I forked a version of twurl and updated all own my scripts to recognize the rc 
file and Mac keychain format and use it if it's detected. It makes it far less 
complicated to use command line tools. 

It would be nice to standardize this or something maybe.     

Zac Bowling

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On May 17, 2010, at 2:53 PM, Cameron Kaiser <spec...@floodgap.com> wrote:

>> Twurl is just what I need, a command-line OAuth getter. Except it's
>> written in a language I don't have so it's useless to me.
>> Before turning off basic auth twitter needs to provide their own
>> official implementation of a CLI OAuth getter, written in plain old C.
> I don't want to jump too far with this, but I am working with Taylor and
> Raffi to get TTYtter 1.1 in an acceptable form for public release (we are
> having discussions about how to streamline the keys process in such a way
> that's simpler for users, but still secure for Twitter).
> That implementation is 100% pure Perl, and does not use any external 
> libraries. You're welcome to take a crack at it now if you like, but you
> will need to generate your own app keys in its current state. E-mail me
> off list if interested.
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