Hi Taylor,

    Thank you for looking at my problem.

 I am using Mr David Billingham's PHP class file in application. "

Yes request URL include parameter as username to fetch data from methods
like userstatus($unm) (gives particular user's data) and followerscid($unm)
gives that user's followers info and ratelimit() method (gives

One of the e.g to API request is:(these methods included in TwitterAPI.php,
having twitter as class name)
     function userstatus($unm)
           $request = 'http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show/'.$unm.'.xml';
            return $this->process($request);
and call this method with twitter class object, gives error on accessing
data as invalid arguments supplied in the main code but when I call it
individually with print_r(arrayname) then it gives like- "bool(false)" .

Yes using xml as extension to get data in xml format.(not familiar with
.json format. )

There is no such proxy like thing as I hv uploaded files on server and
dealing directly with it.

Hope I was able to give you the actual problem status.

Please assist me on this.
Thank you in advance.


On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 9:15 PM, Taylor Singletary <
taylorsinglet...@twitter.com> wrote:

> Hi Rushi,
> Trying to understand your problem better -- are you using an intermediary
> Twitter library of some sort?
> Can you give some examples of the API requests you are making? The request
> URI including parameters? Are you using basic auth or OAuth? Are you
> appending .xml as the extension to the request when you are expecting XML
> data? Is there any kind of proxy between your requesting machine and the
> Twitter API?
> Taylor Singletary
> Developer Advocate, Twitter
> http://twitter.com/episod
> On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 8:37 AM, Rushikesh Bhanage <rishibhan...@gmail.com
> > wrote:
>> Hi there,
>>       I got a big problem right now. I was getting user data, ratelimit,
>> followers list in xml with key value pairs but now I am getting only values.
>>  Due to this the app i am developing , giving error as INVALID ARGUMENTS
>> SUPPLIED FOR METHOD. I checked that, json format gives key-value pair. is
>> there any updates about this.
>>     Getting key value in json format but it needs to save. Do we need to
>> always save .json response.?
>> waiting eagerly,
>> thank you in advance.
>> with regards,
>> Rushi

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