Hi Alain,

The user ids in search results from search.twitter.com do not correspond to
the user ids in rest of Twitter and the Twitter API. We're working on
bridging this gap long-term. The work around is to do a user lookup based
off of the screen name instead of the member id.

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 8:44 AM, Alain Gaeremynck <ga...@sanssucre.ca>wrote:

> I am using search to gather a series of twits.  I am then looking up the
> users that wrote those tweets. Now sometimes for some reason i get an error
> message "no user found on twitter : userhandle"
> The problem with this is that i have to parse the error message figure out
> which user is missing. Rebuild the request with the rest of the users and
> try again.
> It would be cool if instead when there are no such users i would get a list
> of the user that exists and null or some string in the json for those that
> don't.  In an ideal world search would never give me results for users that
> don't exists (although i guess profiles get deleted all the time).
> Does this make sense?
> Alain (@sanssucre) G
> P.S. Can you get the ops people to posts the VM startup parameters they
> use?  I'm very curious to see what they do in that regard.

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