Thanks Taylor! Can you say anything about wether you actually persist
them anywhere? I mean it would be an enormous challenge to actually
allow those to be queried interactively online. But if you do have the
data somewhere an intermediate step might be to allow batch requests
for large data sets which are then provisioned for download say at off
peak times. Though I just realized, you prob. don't have an off-peak

On May 14, 8:20 am, Taylor Singletary <>
> Hi Miles,
> You're right in that we don't go back very far with search right now. We
> want to improve that. There's no timeline right now, but it's certainly
> something we're looking at. There are so many tweets. We want you to have
> them all. Some day.
> Taylor Singletary
> Developer Advocate, Twitter
> On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 6:34 PM, Miles Parker <> wrote:
> > This is one of those questions where I'm pretty sure I know the
> > answer, but I'd really like to be wrong. :) There doesn't seem to be
> > anyway to get tweets past ~7 days. Which sort of makes me wonder what
> > the point of the since and until params are -- for the usages where
> > only being able to search back 7 days makes sense, it seems like you'd
> > want more granularity. So my deeper question is whether this is simply
> > a matter of not being able to *store* all of the data (seems highly
> > unlikely) or just not being able to adequately *serve* that data
> > through an open http interface? It would be really nice for research
> > purposes to be able to have access to that data...

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