Hi, people!

I'm here again to question a more thing:

We suppose the experiences and links explain above. If I wanna use PHP
Twitter Search by Ryan Faerman (http://greenservr.com/projects/
twittersearch/TwitterSearch.phps) to search using two tags with the
operator OR:

URL API/brasil+OR+copa.
Its will returns tweets thats contain brasil or copa. But, how can I
know what the tag that found the tweet?

We suppose 60 tags:
URL API/brasil+OR+copa+OR+tag3+OR+tag4...

Now, if I need to save in a database the "tweets found" and the "tags"
that were used to find this tweet, how can I do? What is your
suggestion? The API does can result something like this to me? I
thought about a parser (to iterator) the string twitter, and compare
until find them, but it is redundancy of process, cause you use the
API to found the tweets, and after you need to find the tags in the
tweet already found.

Somebody save me?

On 17 maio, 00:26, giustin <tgiu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, myself and dears mates! :)
> It is very simple, but I'm not saw before. So, a example with the
> operator OR is:
> http://www.portabilis.com.br/tcc/search_PHP_API/index.php?twitterq=br...
> Thanks.
> On 17 maio, 00:04, giustin <tgiu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Using the PHP Twitter Search by  Ryan Faerman, I'm trying to create a
> > mashup to my final university project.
> > The class is 
> > that:http://greenservr.com/projects/twittersearch/TwitterSearch.phps
> > What I would like to know?
> > In the Search API Twitter, you can use many methods, and I dont know
> > if this class include all them. Examples:
> > 1. searching tweets with tags "brasil" or "copa" since 
> > 2010-05-15.http://search.twitter.com/search?q=brasil+OR+copa+since%3A2010-05-15
> > 2. just using the operator "OR", to the tags "twitter" or 
> > "you":http://search.twitter.com/search?q=twitter+OR+you
> > 3. With the #hashtag:http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23twitter
> > FONT:http://search.twitter.com/operators
> > Looking at the TwitterSearch.phps, how can I create a script to bring
> > the results to me using OR ou SINCE operators? Look up my example:
> >http://www.portabilis.com.br/tcc/search_PHP_API/index.php?twitterq=br...
> > The link above bring me tweets that exists "brasil" AND "copa" tags. I
> > dont wanna AND but OR operator. Someone could help me with this?
> > Regards,

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