I am having the same problem since yesterday.

I have made no changes to my code, but I am getting a 502 error.


On May 19, 9:18 am, Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com>
> Hi Dossy,
> This is more likely load related than anything else. We've made some
> adjustments recently to how we treat requests that are taking a long time --
> they now tend to time out a lot sooner and provide an error rather than run
> with a long duration. This problem should lighten when the load lightens,
> and we're meanwhile working on improving the situation for everyone.
> Taylor Singletary
> Developer Advocate, Twitterhttp://twitter.com/episod
> On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 6:59 AM, Dossy Shiobara <do...@panoptic.com> wrote:
> > Did a change to Twitter's OAuth get deployed very recently (i.e.,
> > yesterday or today)?
> > I'm now getting "Failed to validate oauth signature and token" in
> > response to OAuth requests - I can guarantee my code, that has been
> > working for many months now, has not changed.
> > Is anyone else seeing this, right now?
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