i'm facing an equal scenario like the one above...
i'm running a website where 2 to 3 users post status updates to that
site which are posted then to twitteraccounts of the corresponding
user. so basically i want to send updates to 2 or 3 twitter accounts
via a php script. the users send their status updates via e-mails to
the website and the script updates the website and posts to the
twitter account of the user who has send in the status update.
do i need to implement the whole OAuth process or can i use single
thanks in advance!


On May 11, 4:11 pm, glenn gillen <gl...@rubypond.com> wrote:
> Dan,
> I've taken a stab at answering your questions below:
> > now from my understanding i need to change this over to start using
> > OAuth is this correct? the system does it all back end so my bloggers
> > dont write anything it auto does it for you, it posts to the one
> > single twitter account.
> Yes you will need to switch over.
> > now do i need to change to OAuth to get this to run when the date
> > finally comes around, if so do i need to create an application? as it
> > isnt really an application as such, this is the bit that confuses me a
> > bit.
> You can switch over immediately, there's no need to wait until the
> cutoff date comes around. And yes you will need to create an
> application, it's just that this particular application will only.
> Details on some OAuth libraries (including PHP 
> ones):http://apiwiki.twitter.com/OAuth-Examples
> Details on how to easily get a single 
> token:http://dev.twitter.com/pages/oauth_single_token
> > so i guess the question is do i need to change to oAuth and should i
> > create an application if so would i need to create a callback URL as
> > there wont be any callbacks as such would there as i would only be
> > posting to my twitter feed.
> The single token approach can avoid the need for callbacks, so long as
> you don't need to tweet to other users accounts.
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