On 5/21/2010 12:51 PM, Ryan Bell wrote:

How do I get # of followers over time?

I've seen several sites that list a graph that shows your follower
count over time. ex) 4/1/10 you had 200 followes...5/1/2010 you had
247 followers....and so on.

I would love to add this feature to my Twitter site, but can't find
the data that I would need in order to do it.  Does the API provide
information on any of the following?

1. # of followers at a particular time?
2. Time in which a follower began following you?

If the API doesn't provide this info, then how are other sites doing
this?  I doubt its from checking daily as the moment you sign up with
a site that has this feature, they have your follower graph over time
for at least 12 months of history.

Thanks in advance!!!


That's a good suggestion for a new field, <started_following>.

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