> 1) You do not oAuth sign the actual request toTwitPic
> 2) You make a fake request to Twitter's verify credentials api over
> SSL and grab the Authorization header that would be sent, however when
> you create the header make sure you include a 'Realm' 
> ofhttps://api.twitter.com
> 3) Create a new post request toTwitPicand put the oAuth header that
> you grabbed from Authorization in the HTTP header X-Verify-Credentials-
> Authorization
> 4) Add a X-Auth-Service-Provider header with the URL to verify
> credentials.
> 5) You should be good to go after that

I tried this, but I am getting the following message from TwitPic:

"could not authenticate you (header rejected by twitter)"

I created the OAuth headers as if I was trying to send an OAuth
request to https://api.twitter.com/1/account/verify_credentials.json
and added those headers to X-Verify-Credential-Authorization

The headers contain realm "http://api.twitter.com"; (tried also with

Any ideas what "Header rejected by twitter" means?

> If you get the signature right, it will work as I and a few others
> have got it working when we were liasing with their engineers on
> Sunday
> On May 19, 3:41 am, uprise78 <des...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm in the same boat.  My call to Twitter works fine but I get 401's
> > fromTwitPicevery time.

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