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> Hello,
> I want to develop a web-based application that will search for the
> most favorited tweets for a given hashtag. For example, a user may
> type "cerati" in a textbox and the application will return the tweets
> that contain the hashtag #cerati and have been favorited more than x
> (3, 4, 5) times.
> My questions are:
> - Is this possible?
> - If so, what method should I use?
> It appears to me that if I use the search API I don't get a
> favourite_count among the results. And I can't specify something like
> "minimum amount of times tweet was favorited" as a parameter.
> Or maybe I can use the search API to get the tweets that contain the
> hashtag and then iterate thorugh the list to obtain the number of
> times each tweet was favorited?
> Another alternative: instead of doing this with the public timeline
> (ideal solution) do it for all tweets by the users a person is
> following. Can this be done?
> Thanks for your help.
> Gustavo

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