I'm having no problems with sending an update directly via
https://api.twitter.com/, but the app (for the Iphone, I'm using
NSURLConnections) I'm working is supposed to allow the user to select
a preferred proxy (e.g. https://twitter-proxy.appspot.com/api/ or
https://nest.onedd.net/api/), and I keep getting a 401 error (Failed
to validate oauth signature and token) whenever I try to get an access
token via these proxies. Even though I send my POST request to the
proxy, I am still using the direct url for the api (https://
api.twitter.com/[rest api path]) in the base string.

Is there anything else that I need to consider when using a proxy to
access the API? Should anything in the authorization header change,
for example? Or the base string?

On a somewhat unrelated note...

What are the possible causes of error 403, and how do you distinguish
between them? Is the only way to differentiate an error due to
exceeding the status update limit for an hour (150 per hour) vs for a
day (1000 per day) by checking the string reply returned in the

Is there any way for me to simulate a status update limit error
without going through the motions of actually sending 150/1000 tweets?

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