Am 13.05.2010 um 07:51 schrieb Dan Webb:
> It looks to me like your hovercards are not finding a screen name
> rather than it being a browser issue.  The Unsafe javascript attempt
> is a warning and does not effect operation.

Sorry for late answer, but i think i found the error reason now:

anywhere.js loads, which gives the 
following JavaScript Code:

<script type="text/javascript"> 
        var url = "http://localhost:8888/dist/server/xd_receiver.js";;
        if ( == '') {
                url = 
        if (^api-staging/)) {
                url = 
        document.write('<script src="' + url + '"><\/script>');

I don't think that http://localhost:8888/ will work, since there is no HTTPd 
running on that port.

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