I've been trying to get my application to work with TwitterOAuth for
several weeks now. Here’s a brief history:

I need to authorize user requests of three different types. For that
purpose I’ve got two scripts (I’ll call them #1 and #2), and #2 is
invoked in two places.

Several weeks ago I got script #1 to work with an old version of
TwitterOAuth, which did not support specifying a callback URL for each
call. I then tried to migrate to a newer version (beta-0.2.0), which
would support specifying a callback URL, and script #1 ceased to work.
Everything seemed OK up to the point where I tested the access token
by performing a verify_credentials operation; then I got back an error
that said “could not authenticate you.”

I had no luck identifying the problem, so today I fell back to the old
version of TwitterOAuth. Now script #1 works again, but script #2 does
not. It returns the same error, “could not authenticate you.”

I've inserted echo statements in both scripts to show the parameters
and result of every call to TwitterOAuth. The sequences of calls are
identical, and as far as I can tell the parameters and results are
identical in every respect that they should be. Yet one call succeeds
and the other fails.

I've been beating may head against this thing for weeks, and I'm

I'm open to any sort of advice on what the problem might be, or how to
identify it, or how to work around it without identifying it.

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