There seem to be a variety of possible causes for getting an 403 error
in responses to a calling statuses/update... you could be duplicating
a tweet or hitting the update limit for an hour or for the day.

How can you tell which one these errors actually occurred?

The only 2 ways I can think of is to try and parse the error message,
or to follow up the request with a query about whether you've hit any

The problem with checking the error message is that:
1) It's fragile. If the twitter dev team decides to change the error
msg, the solution breaks.
2) I'd have to know the error message first... and the specific error
messages for hitting the update limit don't seem to be documented
anywhere that I can see. Not in the wiki for sure. Which means that
I'd have to hit the limit to find out directly what the messages
are... not exactly practical, especially for the 1000 per day limit.
It would take me a minimum of 7 hours to hit that limit, since I'd get
capped by the hourly limit first.

The problem with a follow-up request is that:
I can't seem to find a way to get current remaining tweets available
to the user before hitting the status update limit in the api.

There's one for rate limiting:

But where's the corresponding api for the status update limits?

What should I do about this? Is there some third, better way to find
out which specific error resulted from the update attempt?

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