Hi everyone,

I have been working on getting twitpic upload to work with my client,
and some of it is now functioning with oauth echo. 

There are some things that look broken / not implemented on the twitpic
side, perhaps someone knows more and can verify:

- it seems to make a difference whether I use

The difference being that for json it works, and for xml twitpic
complains that twitter rejected my signature. I am making sure that
the format (xml/json) is the same on the twitpic request, and on the
fake twitter request that is being signed. 

Next, I noticed that the message paramenter being present doesn't seem
to cause twitpic to post a message on twitter.

When I use .../uploadAndPost.json instead of .../upload.json, the
behaviour is the same - pic goes to twitpic, nothing to twitter.

Perhaps the missing twitter post is because of this:

 Twitter Message from raffi a.k.a raffi
sent on Tue May 25 01:09:27  0000 2010

Curious how to do uploadAndPost in OAuth Echo? http://post.ly/hEdl

Where raffi explains who uploadAndPost *will* work.

Any comments ? Advice ?

Bernd Stramm

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