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 I stopped development on my Twitter app a year after realizing that the 
twitter API was not yet stable enough to allow an individual developer to 
create a stable product. I continue to follow the exchange between developers 
and Twitter as much for entertainment as to keep track. Twitter understands the 
eco-system that is evolving no better than the rest of us but it still wants to 
control and direct the evolution. Each bit of control it exerts trims off 
branches of evolution that do not support the main stem. By cutting off 
branches twitter is possibly denying the evolution of future success.


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Subject: [twitter-dev] Re: TWITTER BANS 3rd PARTY ADVERTISING
From: Eric Woodward <e...@nambu.com>
Date: Mon, May 24, 2010 1:34 pm
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At this point I am not why anyone that cares enough to be in this
group is surprised. It is clear that Twitter is going to take
*everything* for themselves. I don't understand why anyone would
continue to develop on Twitter's platform as anything more than a
hobby. First it was us (Twitter clients) and now it is the ad
platforms' turn. Next it will be somebody else.

Lots of us enjoy developing for its own sake, and that is what Twitter
is now: a feature you add to something else, or a hobby activity. Time
we all just faced up to it.


Eric Woodward
Email: e...@nambu.com

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