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"Brian Smith" <br...@briansmith.org> wrote:

> This is known and expected behavior. There have been other threads
> about it in the last couple of weeks. If you get a 401 response, you
> should compare the Date header of Twitter's response to the current
> system time. If it is significantly off then you should warn the user
> so they can fix it and/or calculate the difference and add that
> offset to all your timestamps. More details are available in the
> mailing list archive.
> Regards,
> Brian

I am seeing headers coming back from twitter with
"Expires" :  "Tue, 31 Mar 1981 05:00:00 GMT" 
on replies with good status. Nothing going wrong, auth works fine.
Just a funny looking date in there. Is that sombody's epoch? It looks
vaguely familiar.

Bernd Stramm

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