So we have customer that is searching, for example, for
So we use the search api and we get from Twitter a tweet that has no
such text in it, but it turns out that the shortened URL contains the
string '':

Here's the tweet:
    Siam Bayview Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. from THB 2,010 incl
breakfast Special Rate Thailand hotels
He're the walked url:

In this case, this match isn't good.  They don't want stuff,
they want stuff...  On the other hand, it's great when it
really shows stuff..

I'm not sure what the 'right" thing to do is at this moment, as I'm
reacting to the customer's urgency and problem in getting unrelated
stuff showing up in their search...

I'm not sure how I should address this:
1. recommend that twitter do some sort of mod to the search api  ( I
don't have a good idea at the moment about what you should do: make
such url walking optional?  etc?)
2. do some sort of processing on our end, and communicating about
better about what search does to our customers

a. What's ya'll thoughts on this one?

b. I believe that you (twitter) walk some shorteners but not all of
them: e.g. urls and your own shortener   What is the current
list that you do walk?

This is related to entity parsing discussion here:

Jeffrey Greenberg

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