Hi Developers,

We released some new features today that I'll summarize briefly here.


Raffi's already introduced the concept of entities to you in a previous
post: http://bit.ly/boHXYv

You can now retrieve entities for tweets by specifying a
include_entities=true parameter to statuses/home_timeline,
statuses/user_timeline, statuses/friends_timeline, and statuses/mentions API
calls to receive additional per-tweet payloads dissecting parse-able
elements from the tweet body like @mentions, links, and hashtags. It's
really cool! Some examples of how entities are represented can be found
here: http://dev.twitter.com/pages/tweet_entities

*Retweets in Timelines*
*Many developers have asked for merged timelines including native retweets;
for backwards-compatibility reasons this hasn't been possible in the past.
Now you can include a include_rts=true parameter to statuses/user_timeline,
statuses/friends_timeline, and statuses/mentions API calls to receive
retweets inline in the payload.

*OAuth callbacks with non-standard URI schemes*
While you still can't set your default oauth_callback in your client
application record to a URI schemes that aren't of the http or https
variety, you can now dynamically set your oauth_callback on the
request_token step of the OAuth dance to custom URI schemes. This is useful
when your application is a web browser itself, or has the capability of
registering custom URI schemes on the host operating system; a great, almost
friction-free solution for those weary of the out-of-band OAuth flow.

Since these features are new, we would appreciate any comments, suggestions,
or notes on any bugs you discover while using them.

Some relevant updated documentation:

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter

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