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I realize it may not be logistically possible just yet, but you may also want to throw some consideration for an additional hackfest for those closer to the east coast. (Eg-NYC)

This is 2010, right? There's this thing called the Internet, right? IRC still works, right? Why the Hell can't Twitter have hackathons over the Internet, the same way all the open source projects do? For cryin' out loud! Linux, PostgreSQL, Perl, Python, Ruby ... you name it ... *every* major open source hacker-built piece of software is put together around the world over the Internet, with major contributors in most nations. Why should annotations be developed and tested only in San Francisco or New York?

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Great question. We're really excited to see what developers do with
annotations during the hackfest. In some ways the hackfest can be
thought of as an early test of annotations and will let us know what
we have left to do before we release them to the developer community.

The plan, if things go well at the hackfest, is to have a general
developer release this summer.

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