Hey all,

Just wanted to update everyone and let you know that we are going to be
extending the Annotations hackfest to anyone interested, regardless of
whether or not you are able to make it to SF. We'll be providing a preview
of Annotations to anyone interested with the caveat that it might get torn
down again after the weekend is over if we feel like we need to make some
changes based on the feedback from the weekend.

Unfortunately the actual judging will only be possible for people that are
able to make it to the office, but we wanted to make sure developers around
the world were able to participate and provide feedback on this EARLY
preview of Annotations. Your hard work will still get featured with everyone
else's in the blog or wherever we end up putting links to all that was
accomplished over the weekend.

We will also be trying to setup video uplinks so we can all get to meet each
other virtually, regardless of where you are geographically. So get your
webcams ready.

You'll still need to submit through the form in the blog post (
http://engineering.twitter.com/2010/05/annotations-hackfest.html) as we need
the twitter handles of people on your team so we can enable Annotations for
you. Please be sure to note in the description that you will be a remote
team and where you will be tuning in from.

We are incredibly excited to see what everyone comes up with. See you there
physically or virtually.

Best, Ryan

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