Strangely, it's working along with the parameter since_id under some

My web app initially loads home_timeline?count=100 (the app is in its
infancy and only I use it, otherwise I'd be using since_id and a
cache). Every three minutes thereafter, an ajax call gets new tweets
using home_timeline?since_id=[id]&include_entities=true. That works --
it retrieves the entities.

However, if I manually refresh (i.e., call the exact same ajax
function explicitly rather than wait for the setTimeout to do it), I
get the error 500 page as the response, as described below.

On May 27, 9:40 pm, Ellsass <> wrote:
> For most of the day I was getting the new entities just fine, but for
> the last hour or two my home_timeline XML request is met with the
> "Something is technically wrong." page as the response.
> I am using PHP & EpiTwitter. This works fine:
> $twitterInfo = $twitterObj->get_statusesHome_timeline(array("count" =>
> "$numTweets"));
> This was working for most of the day, but not recently:
> $twitterInfo = $twitterObj->get_statusesHome_timeline(array("count" =>
> "$numTweets" , "include_entities" => "true"));

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