First note that everything is working as expected for most users.

However, I am getting 500s when requesting "/statuses/
home_timeline.json" with the "count" parameter for a particular user.
The maximum argument to "count" that I can specify for this user is
36. The response size in that case is 64995 bytes. With "count=35",
the response size is 63816. With "count=37", the expected response
size would be greater than 65536, and returns a 500. This seems
suspicious. With all other users I have access to (3 other accounts),
everything works normally, I can make requests with "count=200", and
receive responses that are 100's K.

I am using OAuth.

To recap, these are my requests to '/statuses/home_timeline.json':

Works: User="BadUser" count=35
Works: User="BadUser" count=36
Response 500: User="BadUser" count=37
Works: User="AnyUser" count=200

Any suggestions? I can send you specific user ids.


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