Twitter also sends an error message in the response. These errors are
a quite descriptive, but afaik they're not fixed and could change in
the future. In my app I'm currently catching and handling a few of
these in a special way; with others I'm showing a general error
message. To be able to easily adopt my code to possible changes  to
Twitter's error messages, I have defined all errors as constants.
Below is the part of my php code, where I am defining the errors. The
second parameter in every define statement is the error message
Twitter is sending.

//401 Not authorized
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_ACCESS_REVOKED", "Could not authenticate
you.");//user revoked app's access
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_INCORRECT_SIGNATURE", "Incorrect signature");//
wrong oAuth tokens
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_PROTECTED_USER", "Not authorized");
//403 Forbidden
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_ALREADY_FAVORITED","You have already favorited
this status.");
//following is special case: it contains a username, so split it in
parts before and after username (full string: "Could not follow user:
[username] is already on your list.")
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_ALREADY_FOLLOWING", "Already following");//use
this in code; function isError will check for _START and _END variants
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_ALREADY_FOLLOWING_START", "Could not follow
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_ALREADY_FOLLOWING_END", "is already on your
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_DUPLICATE","Status is a duplicate.");
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_NOT_FOLLOWING", "You are not friends with the
specified user.");
        define("TWITTER_ERROR_RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED", "Rate limit exceeded.
Clients may not make more than 350 requests per hour.");//rate limit

On May 28, 5:03 pm, Michael Cameron <> wrote:
> Yeah i have only seen a response <error>, I would hope that we could
> get a tabularized list of those <error> responses. it would make
> debuging so much easier.
> On May 28, 1:53 am, wibblefish <> wrote:
> > Only info I have found so far 
> > is
> > On May 28, 1:02 am, Michael Cameron <> wrote:
> > > So i am writing my catch expressions for twitter when parsing the
> > > response from twitter is there any error codes or definite strings for
> > > certain reasons. example "not following user", or other errors?
> > > Thank you!

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