I'm getting some code ready for delivery to a customer and I need to
settle on the best way to get twitter data into their app.

I've been using the "official" Stream API up till now but that has all
kinds of problems for me because it's basically the search results
delivered as a stream, so I have to do all kinds of post processing on
it to remove the extra stuff.

During the Chirp conference I saw that there was a chirpstream preview
of a user's data - has that been released to us non-sanfran devs yet?
or is it still special?

I'm also seeing in the dev group postings things like betastream,
earlybird, and some others - is there any chance of even me being able
to figure out which stream api will eventually get used at all?

So yea, looking to get some answers on which stream api to use or if
good old polling is still the best way to get clean, accurate user

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