My name is Colin (EventCloudPro) and have been working with the
twitter API for about 6 months.

I've built some Java code that lets me subscribe to the stream.

Using DarkStar (our back end), we pull tweets apart and analyze them -
we pull out entities, themes and calculated sentiment.  We're able to
do this 'real-time' using a streaming map/reduce type of

Then we're able to visualize the data in an OLAP kind of way.

The first application is to find examples of people either building up
stocks for purchase or even insider information by looking at specific
tweets and then confirming an impact in the volume or price of the
stock.  We do this using CEP after the numbers have been crunched
using map/reduce.

I write mostly java & erlang.  I use a variety of technologies -
rabbitmq, mongodb, mysql, blazeds, flex, eclipse and use mostly ubuntu
(we just upgraded to 10.04).

I'm and colin.p.clark on skype.

Thanks - I'm excited about what I see people doing with twitter and am
happy to be 'part of the gang'

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