So, does this mean (to paraphrase):

IDs will remain sorted *all* the time except when comparing between 2
tweets sent within 1 second apart, the order *might* be reversed. And
therefore, for most Twitter apps, no change is necessary?


On Jun 2, 10:00 am, themattharris <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> In March we sent a message to you about upcoming changes to the way
> status IDs are sequenced (
> Today we announced Snowflake - the service we will be using to
> generate those new IDs.
> It isn't going live yet! We just know a lot of you are concerned about
> how the Tweet IDs are going to affect your applications and wanted you
> to have the chance to familiarize yourself with how Snowflake works.
> You can find the a link to the code and read more about Snowflake on
> the Twitter Engineering blog:
> Best,
> Matt

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