We are looking at getting city based search results for 14 major

The current method we use is to plug in a cities Geo Coordinates into
the search API and then include a 25KM radius around the city.  This
works well and allows us to get true results of people inside or
around a given city.
However, for maybe a 20 minute period once or twice per day, the
results are empty.  We go from 50-100+ results for a given keyword to
0 - 5 results.  Then, 20 minutes later there will again be 50 - 100+
results including several results for the time period whereby the
results were blank.  So, its not a case of Twitter not having results,
it is a case of a 10 - 20 minute window whereby Twitter's results with
the GEO filter don't show up - or barely show up for a given time

This has led us to consider using the Near API.  From what I
understand, the Near API will give us results near a given city based
off of GEO data as well as profile data.  I would assume this may be a
more stable option - but the option we use now is great except for
those rare instances whereby Twitter shows us little to no results for
a keyword they clearly have a lot of results for within our GEO


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