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Thanks for the validation... imho this is a serious issue and based on
extensive google searches, it's obvious its happening to a lot of
people plus, its obvious that, in general, none of the users has a
clue on what's happening and how to address it.

Further investigation indicates that with respect to the Washington
Post site, the subscriber default settings has the @anywhere turned
on... so, anyone going in as a subscriber is going to be redirected
off of the Post site so they can't even contact the Post to report the

Additionally, it's not immediate.. takes around a minute to get kicked
off the site and onto Twitter.  Clicking "Back" simply starts the
cycle  and the user is immediatly returned to the twitter page.

At the very least, all sites using @anywhere should be notified by
twitter that the possibility exists that their users are being kicked
offsite with no options to return.

With respect to the Washington Post site, I was finally able to
address the user issues by going to the news link, _immediately_
clicking on the user settings and turning off the news push options...
sorry I don't have an account to check back in and be clearer on this.

Beverly Howard

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