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> I would like to second aartiles call for better support. My team had a
> screen cast and were ready to do a remote presentation but we couldn't
> seem to get the message through (although we tweeted like crazy). Very
> very disappointing.

I suspect opening the doors for anyone to be involved (as opposed to
letting them just watch the stream) introduces a logistical nightmare
for people that are probably busy sorting technical difficulties at
the main event. I realise it's a slightly different scenario, but I
when Merbcamp broadcast live a few years ago there was a semi-official
"outpost" in London for those that wanted to take part. Perhaps having
officially sanctioned outposts in major cities would make things more
manageable, with a single local rep engaged to help curate questions,
presentations, and anything else that arises.

Just a thought,
Glenn Gillen

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