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that would be an awesome service!
Currently we use one our own services (http://metauri.com/) to do this for http://trendsmap.com/. In addition to the title, it also gives the content type, which can be useful in determining how, or if to use the link in your display.

I was just wondering if Twitter were going to possibly supply this extra data, as it would remove a time & resource intensive step in the tweet analysis process :).

Another question, will you wrap links that have no protocol in tweets, eg :

"Hey check out www.mysite.com/evil_page"

and :

"Hey check out mysite.com/evil_page"

I imagine many clients will currently link these out as urls and link them up automatically?

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On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 4:50 PM, John Barratt <djo...@gmail.com
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    Hi Raffi,

    On 9/06/10 8:57 AM, Raffi Krikorian wrote:

        "url" : "http://t.co/s9gfk2d4";,
        "display_url" : "http://dev.twitter.com";,
        "indices" : [23, 43]

    Any chance of getting the title of the resolved URL added in here
    too if available?

    Then we could display a link like :

    <a title="Twitter Dev" href="http://t.co/s9gfk2d4";>


    or :

    <a title="http://dev.twitter.com"; href="http://t.co/s9gfk2d4";>
       Twitter Dev

    This would give even more context to users, without having to follow
    the redirect path, & load and parse the page to extract it as well.



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