So I am trying to post a status update within my webOS application, so
I need to stick to Javascript.

I can get the user authorized and I get a response with the following:


Now, do I have to go about getting a token EVERY single time I want to
do something or just the first time?

Now I am trying to use the above info to post a status update but I
keep getting a 401 error.

Here is the postBody data I am sending:

Ojfq7RIY8kA6X5918VL6XlYxp9wA32ATHLqCQohY&status=Testing out the API!

Not really sure how to verify all this, anyone able to help me out?

Note: I have changed all the keys and signature and token a small
degree for security, if anyone is willing to help privately I can send
you the accurate keys.


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