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If someone would operated a free global place where we could get that
information (like the OEmbed standard calls for) then we could ask
without counting.  In the meantime, I'm offering a valuable service to
my audience by unrolling the shortened URL to something meaningful.  I
hope you bothered to look at the pages I gave to understand what that
value is.  The canonicalization does NOT click/crawl anything on the
final page... it just follows the redirections and frame-busting as
needed to get to the actual content.

Google, yandex and the rest are already a signigicant amount of the
traffic for small sites.

Oh, I know it... that's why a Sitemap.xml, ROBOTS.TXT and offering an
OEmbed endpoint on your sites is a really good idea. See http://oembed.com/
for the use of the latter.

What's their business model? What do they sell to whom?

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