Presumably, in order to check that a URL is not malicious, it would
have to be accessed and analysed by tco.

In his post Raffi said, "Twitter will redirect them to the original
URL after first confirming with our database that that URL is not
malicious." So it's not by domain, but by URL.

One of our Twitter apps is built in to our CMS workflow and tweets new
content that an editor has selected. Now, I guess - unless domains can
be whitelisted - Twitter will have to crawl and approve the newly
minted content page... before publishing the Tweet ??

On Jun 11, 12:00 pm, John Adams <> wrote:
> is not a crawler; Are you referring to the URL unpacking process or
> something else?
> -john
> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 11:46 PM, Ken <> wrote:
> > If tco is to be the new three-letter agency and gatekeeper, we would
> > like to treat it nice and whitelist its crawler. If tco is
> > inadvertantly blocked, what happens?
> > I do not know if we have already been checked by tco as I have not
> > sent or received a dm with one of our own URLs.
> > What are the user-agent and IP addresses used by this crawler? Does it
> > check robots.txt?
> > And since, for some, a tco thumbsdown could be a problem, is there a
> > (speedy) appeals process?

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