Yeah, it's really the step of manually getting that long string of
seemingly-random characters from one app to another. a callback url
makes sense for web-based apps.

Something like PIN auth that would allow a desktop/mobile app to make
an HTTP call and recover the string programatically would be good, I
think. Typing 4-6 characters is much, much easier than copying and
pasting that long string.

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On Jun 12, 3:57 pm, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:
> > I think you're missing the point, Taylor. It's not a matter of
> > validation, but actually being able to copy such a long string. I have
> > trouble with this on mobile, and I think I'm a pretty savvy user. I
> > *guarantee* you the rate of failure, and giving up on the process
> > entirely, will be much higher than current auth.
> > I can't code some way to sit over the user's shoulder and tell them
> > "click this, now click that, now spread your fingers_ a bit wider_"
> If it's a problem with the way the credentials are transmitted, maybe a
> different or alternative way of transmitting them? E-mail them at the
> same time, perhaps? A callback URL?
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