Hi All,

Looking to use Abraham's twitteroauth lib on our site which is already
converted to oAuth for web-based login.

We have an open API that other apps (consumers -- if i understand that
correctly) will be posting to using oAuth Echo.

Are there any sample PHP code that I can take a look at in which the
PHP script receives the post from the consumer and takes the header
stuff to verify the user on Twitter?  Specifically in the oAuth Echo

I created a PHP script to simulate the consumer post to me which
includes the oauth_consumer_key, oauth_signature_method, oauth_token,
oauth_timestamp, oauth_nonce, oauth_version, oauth_signature, X-Auth-
Service-Provider, X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization and the signing

Once I post these to my PHP script, not quite sure what to do to
verify the user.  Perhaps I can use the twitteroauth and just fill in
some blanks?  Sample code will be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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